Chairman, Governing Council

Rev. Fr. George Nedumattam CMF

Rector - Philosophy Center Jinja



I welcome you to ISBAT University on behalf of the University Council. I feel a profound sense of responsibility for maintaining the expectations and trust of the students in the institution. Developing critical thinking theory and analysis is therefore at the core of ISBAT’s mission. The faculty members continue to demonstrate a passionate commitment to maintain the highest standards of academic excellence. With challenges ahead, we must strive to equip the future leaders with competence and excellence to address emerging social issues.

Thank you for all you have done to be a part of this incredible place of learning. We remain committed to developing this University to become one of the most reputed global institutions of excellence. Through the commitment and dedication of students, faculty, and staff who are the champions of our future, we are poised to embark on another exceptional year of achievements to global standards.

God Bless

Rev. Fr. George Thomas CMF


Other University Council Members

 Prof. Dr. K.M. Mathew

Secretary of UC

Vice Chancellor


 Dr. Joyce Asiimwe Ayikoru

Member of UC

 Mr. Oketta Basil

Member of U C

 Mrs. Okullo Nellie Florence

Member of U C

Adv. Kawenja Livingstone

Member of U C

Mr. A M Thimmiya

Member of U C
International Representation

Mr. Shinoj Kumar

Member of U C


 Profile Mr. A M Thimmiya

A. M. Thimmiya brings with him the experience of having held leadership positions in organisations involved in the Education Services and also in the professional skilling and training space. Skilled training and Education are treated as two entirely different domains but Thimmiya is one of the few who has straddled both and contributed to see both domains synergise. His penchant for education was evident when in the 80s he joined Aptech Global and has been pioneering the various distributed Education models with footprints not just in India but globally.
He was successfully involved for more than a decade with Aptech Computer Education business in setting up for the first time, Channels to promote education. With Distributed and Technology led education becoming prominent, Thimmiya joined Manipal Education to lead their foray into Distance learning. He was with the Manipal group for nearly 8 years and was responsible in spearheading the Distance Education community from around 17,000 to 200,000 students across a reach of about 850 centre’s not only in India but 21 countries globally. His last assignment with the Manipal Group was CEO, Manipal Education, Middle East & Africa overseeing responsibilities including the Manipal University, Dubai. Post which, he was the CEO and Director with the Education services division of the SRM group which includes their Universities.
Mr. Thimmiya's passion for building business from scratch has seen him, in addition to spearheading his primary responsibility, also drafting business strategies to promote and setting up new lines of business areas in Education services. He has a comprehensive understanding of the training and education segment in India, Middle East & Africa, parts of Far East including China, having extensively travelled on work related assignments and responsibility. At the time of his retirement in 2018, he was simultaneously President with LabourNet, India leading social enterprise in skilling for the livelihood sector and also on the advisory board to a few higher Educational Institutions.
Mr. Thimmiya has been over period of time involved with CII, FICCI & EDGE (Emerging Directions in Global Education) as a panellist and task force committee member and was also the Academic Senate member of the Universities represented.
We welcome him to ISBAT University in the capacity of a nominated member (International) of the Governing board. His vast experience and remarkable achievements in the industry will propel exponential growth at ISBAT University’s global outreach, and quality considerations as per the set Vision, Mission and Objectives.